Melson's Service Center, Inc.



We offer a large selection of Uhaul moving vans, trucks and trailers.  UHAUL.COM will allow you to reserve your equipment.  Feel free to contact us directly and we can set up the reservation for you.  Call 215-862-5566.


Melson's also offers a large selection of moving supplies.

  • Small, medium, large and extra large boxes
  • TV kits
  • Glass and dish saver kits
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Bubble wrap/clean white newsprint
  • Mattress bags 
  • Blankets
  • Picture frame boxes
  • Tape/stretch film

 Cube Box 12x12x12

Small/File Box 16x12x12

Medium Box 18x18x16

Large Box 18x18x24

Extra Large Box 24x18x24

Mirror Box 37x4x27

Large Mirror Box  48x4x32

Glass/Dish Saver Kit 24x12x11

Electronics Box 20x20x12

Lamp Box 12x12x40

Sport Utility Box 15x15x48

Lay Down Wardrobe 36x21x10

Shorty Wardrobe 24x20x34

Tall Wardrobe 24x21x48

Poly Mailing Tape 55 yards

Packing Tape  55 yards

Bubble wrap 100/150 ft

TV Kit Up to 70"

Mattress Bags Twin/Full/Queen/King


Wrapping Paper 200 sheets

Stretch Film 5"or 20" x 1000 ft

Furniture Pad